It is this excitement  I have like when you have a new book to read when writing about people and their journeys. It is how indirectly one becomes a part of all their experiences, joys and memories. Rightly said a teacher influences a student and she has developed this interest in me (being more strong now) of traveling and creativity. Attending her classes seems more like a bonus on a usual college day. It’s how beautifully she connects us to the spirit of traveling by knowing about our choices and knowledge on it, making the subject interesting. Today we have with us an Assistant Professor in the M.A Tourism and Heritage Management Department of Dempo College. A true travel enthusiast at heart. Her interests include traveling, reading (currently reading Sita, Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi) and Creative Arts. She also made a recent trip to Europe. 
Let me introduce to you Miss Benzia De Souza who shares with us her recent trip to Ladakh a journey she cherishes forever. 

1)What ma…


All of us have been through tough times and had our own little downfalls. Everyone has been through this crucial phase we call teenage, adolescence, immature, under aged (You name it ) where all of us have been vulnerable to making mistakes, the wrong choices, choosing the wrong people but that’s a part of our existence making mistakes and learning from them so that we better deal the next time we encounter them .
Today’s  topic is about crushes, Yes ! you and I all of us must have had them at least once in our lifetime. It could be anyone and at any age,  the girl in the neighborhood or your office mate or your lab partner in college or this random stranger you meet at the party or the girl with the weirdest dressing sense at the library.  They are everywhere in school , college, workplace, library, parties, traveling (the list goes on).  
It can be something as tiny as a  smile that attracts you or the jokes they crack to make you smile or simply understanding you or the way they wear…



She isn’t one of those wanna be, attention grabbing usuals on youtube, she is the scrappy tomboyish types who jokes about her Punjabi parents and the hardest task for her is finding the right foundation to match her skin tone and getting her room cleaned.
She was just like you and me “NORMAL” until she became a YouTube sensation popularly known as Superwoman with Over a 1.8 billion views, and 11 million subscribers, 6.5 million followers on Instagram and currently in the top 100 most subscribed on YouTube (she rules her kingdom ).

The idea of starting a YouTube channel started when she was suffering from depression and having the most mind consuming part of her life. She calls her fans and herself team super or unicorns trying to create rainbows in a world full of thunder and lightning spreading positivity and good vibes all around. A remarkable author of her book baby- HOW TO BE A BAWSE: A Guide to Conquering Life let me introduce Lilly Singh (born 26 September 1988) …


Lately, I have been running out of thoughts, there was a time I had so much on my mind and now there is absolutely nothing to write. So I decided to write on something that changed me as a person and I love the most ......ART.....
As a 12-year-old, ART was as easy as drawing two mountains with the sun and a river flowing, It was something very fancy and difficult that made it look so unique ( HAWWW that's so beautiful).
For me theses artist were super humans with a high iqued brain and some super powers to come up with such out of the world art pieces, until now, well I to got struck by art, it chooses me and I fell lucky at the same time blessed to be chosen. I was never really an artist not even close to it, I knew I could write here and there throw in some quotes but art? ……. Nah that was just something out of my league only something I used to admire.

"Art is something very raw, untouched, wild, carefree, being yourself and just getting lost and  allowing it to just get all ove…


"We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference."
-Nelson Mandela 
I often wonder, what’s the point in interviewing famous personalities when a part of their lives is already known to people. Well, I prefer getting to know those who are in the fragile state of chasing their dreams.They have this unusual contagious spark of positivity they spread on their way to achieving their goals in life. So here is yet another addition to thespeakbubble series named “TheDreamCatcher” where we connect to lives and share experiences.
There are Times when I see so much hate, cruelty and envy in the world we live today.A very few people are ready to be there to help.In today's era where everyone is chasing each other in the name of competition, she teaches the art of giving regardless of expectations, they joy of spreading love everywhere and she has already begun her journey to help heal the world. She is blessed with smiles every day you ask m…